Strategy Guide

That’s right! Much like Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has also joined the ranks of FPS games that have both official and unofficial guides available. Unlike BF3 though, I don’t find MW3 nearly as complex game that would require one, even though it does have a few new features in this latest title.

It’s a bit disappointing to some Call of Duty fans that not much changes in these new sequels, which is perhaps because they still sell insanely well and a new one gets pushed every year. I’m not sure how many preorders Modern Warfare 3 has, but I’m pretty sure it’ll again break several sales records, much like Modern Warfare 2. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s a good game or just better marketing, but one thing is for sure: there will again be a ton of multiplayer players and matches to jump in to. For those of you who decide to go for it, there are a few changes, although nothing substantial.

Here’s my basic overview of the new Modern Warfare 3, along with some information on where you can learn more about this game:

Weapons mostly remain the same. Standard assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs and machine guns remain, with a few interesting gadgets and explosives. It might take a day or two to get used to it, but all in all nothing will really surprise you in that department. Of course, every weapon can be customized with mods, attachments and proficiencies: attachments include various scopes, grips and sights. Weapon proficiencies will enable you to “upgrade” your weapon over time as you use it more and more, for example reducing the recoil or increasing damage.

Not that some proficiencies are locked to certain weapons, such as the aforementioned damage increase can only be used with a shotgun. There’s a total of 10 proficiencies, and while they do provide some degree of customization, you’ll soon realize which ones are best and you’ll just go with it like every other player. Still, it’s nice to be able to press the advantage where you like.

There’s also 15 different perks you can choose from spread through 3 tiers. For example, there’s a tier 1 perk that improves your reload time with all weapons, and when improved (pro effect) it reduces the time required to switch different weapons. As an example of a second tier perk there’s Overkill, which enable you to carry two primary weapons, and with pro effect even the second one may hold attachments. Tier 3 perks are the weakest, for example Steady Aim will enable you to shoot with more accuracy from hip, and the pro effect enables you to fire more quickly after sprinting. You’ll quickly figure out which perks go best with certain weapons and while again it does provide a bit of customization, don’t expect too much.

The biggest change I’ve seen is the one to kill streaks: those are now renamed to pointstreaks and work slightly differently than before. There are 3 categories of kill streaks, each with their own bonuses for a set number of kills. You can find out what they are here. There’s now also deathstreak rewards which I find really nice: I’m usually not the one to die consistently but we’ve all seen those who do, and these bonuses might just give them a break necessary to get back into the game and pick up some kills. They aren’t as strong or as fun as killstreak rewards, but still provide some sort of bonus: for example, after dying 4 times in a row you can move a bit faster and stuff like that. In fact I find these more balanced and less gamebreaking than killstreak rewards, which basically enable you to ROFLPWN people with air strikes, vehicles etc.

I did mention guides for Modern Warfare 3 of course, so here it is: there are several available, and you can find reviews here: MW3 strategy guides, Kosh MW3 strategy guide. If you find any more, be sure to post it in the comments below. There’s also some free beginner guides available on sites I linked before in this article.

Overall MW3 does have a few additions which make it a worthwhile purchase. I’m not sure how much entertainment can it really provide but hopefully enough to make you want more. And with any luck, new sequels will hopefully have a lot more features.

Battlefield 3 is not your usual first person shooter game. There are plenty of customization options for weapons, there are four distinct class kits, a number of different vehicles, maps, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing all of it takes some experience, which can usually only be gained by playing the game. A lot.

However recently several strategy guides have popped up for Battlefield which can take your knowledge and understanding of the game to a whole new level. And no, I don’t mean advancing from Private to General, even though that’s covered as well. There are some fansites out there that do provide some free guides and information on BF3 but none of them really go into much detail, so your best bet truly is with one of these premium, high-quality strategy guides.

Fortunately there are a few different ones to choose from. I’ve found three so far: the official strategy guide by PrimaGames, and two unofficial guides, named Relik’s and Stark’s guides. By reading some reviews I found that the unofficial ones are in fact much better and more useful than the official one. A lot of players pick up those official guides at Gamestop and other retail stores, so if you’re one of them, too bad for you: you should of spent your money on the unofficial guides. And here’s why…

Relik’s and Starks guides contain tips that the official game guide will never contain. While all the tricks they have is perfectly legal to use, those kind of tips are in a gray area and it takes quite some time to figure out on your own: knowing hidden locations on maps where you can gain an advantage and having a detailed breakdown of game mechanics and other elements (weapons, attachments, …) is really amazing to have. Not to mention the fact that these unofficial BF3 strategy guides are frequently updated with new tips, which are always free to download. A paperback edition of PrimaGuide will most definitely not be updated with any new maps, tips, tricks, tactics, strategies, and whatever else you can find in these guides.

Basically, if you still haven’t I strongly suggest you pick up either Relik or Stark guide, both of which can be found on & Apparently Relik is a bit better, but they do seem to be very close in quality despite. Whether or not you really need them is up to you, but considering how 90% or more of players I’ve seen so far play, I would strongly suggest you get it. They really won’t break your budget, and if you like the game, do yourself a favor and learn to play it properly. The other 63 players on your team will thank you for it.