Rift is an epic fantasy game created by Trion Worlds studio. It’s an interactive game that anyone can share with friends and strangers. Here you get the chance to play the character that your choice and then complete the quest that you may encounter to go up to the next available level.

In this fun and interesting online game, a powerful rift from the outer planes disturbed the quiet world of Telara. The outer planes opened the doors to planar invasion where the once peaceful Telara is now under attack. Village after village, the invaders capture, kill and plunder anything that attracts their attention. There are those that submitted themselves to their new masters. There are also others who refuse to kiss the hands of Telara’s invaders and fight so that once again, they can regain the beauty and glory that Telara once had.

Someone has to bring back peace to Telara. The question is who can do it? This is where the game becomes interesting. You, as a player will have to be the main character. You will lead a band that will join you in this quest. It’s now time for your move, your decision, because it’s your game. You call the shots of whatever may possibly happen.

There are various levels that you will encounter as you get into this interactive game. You’ll virtually travel through bountiful environments as you complete your quest. There a lot of things that you can also do in this game. You can go one-on-one with your opponents and challenge them to a duel to the death. This happens as you discover the secrets that each plane will give you.

You, as the hero of Telara will have to complete your quest. Along the way, you’ll be given a choice and your decision will matter most in the game. Will you fight your opponent and aim at closing the rift forever or will you keep it open so you can harvest the powers it give for you? The future of Telara is in your hands. You decide if you want to walk to the dark side or into the light.

This game guarantees that you’ll have hours and hours of fun as you bond with the other characters around you and will make sure that your expectations as an MMO consumer is met. There will be more sleepless nights ahead…Enjoy the quest for Telara’s future.