Diablo 3 Crafting window

One of the best features of the forthcoming Diablo 3 and one thing that was definitely missing from the prequel is the inclusion of a crafting system. This adds even more variety in the game and is a source of pretty decent armor and weapons. This post will give you a basic overview of the crafting system.

In Diablo 3, every player will have at his or her disposal one jeweler artisan and one blacksmith artisan. The reason this is important is because it allows you to craft your own gear the way you want. This is unlike other games like WoW, where a player has to locate other people with gear crafting abilities. This feature gives the Diablo 3 community a massive advantage as it puts every player on a level playing field.

The following paragraphs will highlight the different abilities of the artisans and will also quench your thirst for information regarding the leveling of a blacksmith.

Salvaging Goods

Diablo 3 will see the introduction of the salvaging system. Simply put, this system allows players to obtain all the raw materials they need by breaking down different kinds of gear. Once you obtain these raw materials, they can be disposed of through a number of different ways. The options in front of you include selling them off in the Auction House, giving them away to friends or using them to create your own new gear. The creating new gears part is where the blacksmith artisan comes in.

All these various options give the players a number of different choices within the game. The players can choose to earn gold by selling off their gear, or they can choose to save all that raw material to help make their own gear. Doing so will obviously help them upgrade their character. There is simply no limit to the number of trading/selling combinations you can devise as a player. There are also many avenues to craft your gear, which in turn helps you in regularly upgrading your character. These are the reasons why the salvaging system is expected to be such a big hit in Diablo 3.

Artisan Leveling

There is only way for you to level your artisan and that is by farming more and more gold. This has cast the spotlight on gold as it now is the single biggest resource in Diablo 3. At the same time, this will also ensure that farming is a harder task than before. So players will find it hard to farm and earn gold without which they’ll not be able to level their artisan. This will also directly affect their ability to improve their gear as gold is needed to craft such gear.

This puts a premium on the amount of gold a player has in the game and it will also lead to many exciting and unexpected developments. This will be due to the fact that there will be changes in the amount of gold from player to player during the course of the game.

Crafting Your Own Gear

One of the best things about Diablo 3 is that it allows players to craft their own gear. This is a very wonderful and distinct feature that will only make the game more enjoyable. As a player, you can use all the random attributes to create a gear of your own. Doing so however will also require you to have access to large amounts of gold.

Such a feature ensures that each player comes up with his or her own unique gear. And it’s likely that each such gear will have its own set of unique weaknesses. Now when you add the prospect of random gear drops by bosses within the game, the scene only gets more riveting and exciting.

Recently there’s been a flurry of news about Diablo III, among them a potential release date later this year. But what’s most surprising is the fact players will have access to the auction house where they can sell items for real money to other players. Blizzard explains it as a way to combat gold sellers, but I see it differently: this only makes it easier for them.

While gold selling is against the terms of use of most MMORPGs, including Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, that hardly means it isn’t happening. While I never personally bought gold in any game (nor I ever had the need to), many players do and gold farming/selling industry is a rapidly growing one making millions of dollars each year. Powerleveling services are also tightly connected but in case of Diablo III it’s irrelevant. since leveling in Diablo 3 is pretty straightforward and easy.

Common knowledge is that most of these companies (often sweat shops) are based in China where young workers are being exploited for ridiculously low wages to farm and grind all day long. For the most part such practices are illegal, but of course that doesn’t make it go away. What I see happening is that these young, frequently underage boys will now be playing Diablo 3 all day long and sell those items for real money. And Blizzard is not only okay with it, but they even created a system that makes it extremely easy, and most importantly legal.

Most people when they heard about selling loot on the auction house in D3 thought how they could potentially make money playing the game, but that’s simply not true. You won’t even be able to get enough even for pocket change, because when these underpaid workers start grinding bosses and equipment and selling it the prices will get extremely low, and if you thought about earning money on Diablo think again. For the employers of the aforementioned workers this will most likely be a very profitable business, but the workers will still get less than $2 per day.

As a player this really doesn’t affect you much. If Blizzard decided to make a now already standard cash shop with items for Diablo III nobody would think twice about it, if not for the fact this is a single-player game (or maybe not?). This on the other hand is a completely different story, and how exactly it’ll unfold it yet to be seen.

There is however a clear winner in all of this, and it’s obviously Blizzard. They’ll sell you the game, and then take a cut from every single item sold. It’s definitely good business for everyone, except those guys working for $2/day.