With TERA going into headstart tomorrow, I figured it’s still not too late to tell you what hitboxes are in this game. I’m guessing that many players are still undecided on their class and race choice, so hopefully this post will make your decision easier. However, it might make it harder as well, so caution is required.

What are hitboxes?

Races comparison in TERA Online

As you can see from the image above, races in TERA come in different sizes. Every race has a different hitbox, which is essentially an invisible “grid” around the character that determines whether a particular spell or ability will hit you or not.

The biggest race is Baraka, closely followed by Aman. Middle-sized races are Castanics, High Elves and Humans, and smallest ones are Popori and Elin. There’s also a different hitbox size depending on whether you play a female or male gender of a particular race: as you can see from the comparison above, females are generally a bit smaller than their male counterparts.

Baraka and Popori only have a male gender, and Elin are only female (or they’re all something in between, or both, depends how you look at it).

Why hitboxes matter?

When playing a tank, you can literally block entire passageways with your shield thus ensuring monsters and their attacks cannot hit your friendlies. Now that’s tanking! On the other hand, if you’re a DPS class you might want to avoid getting hit, which is often easily done by playing a race of smaller physical size. This is not only helpful in PvE situations, but extremely beneficial in PvP as well.

It’s important to note that hitboxes also determine the difficulty of your friendly neighborhood healers trying to top up your health: targeting you will be just as easy or difficult for them as it is for opponents.

So which race to pick?

  • For tanks: (Lancer and Warrior): Baraka and Aman are obvious choices.
  • For melee DPS (Slayer, Berserker): Human, High Elf and Castanic
  • For ranged DPS (Sorcerer, Archer): also Human, High Elf and Castanic are good choices
  • For support (Priest, Mystic): Elin and Popori are often the best picks

Tanks and melee damage dealing classes will be getting most damage, which is the reasoning behind players often picking races that are easier to heal. Ranged DPS needs heals quite often as well, but not nearly as, so you can go with a race that is smaller or smallest. Support classes usually can heal themselves and it’s their job to stay alive as long as possible, so picking the smallest races is often a wise choice.

Is it really THAT important?

No, it’s not. Tons of players are picking race/class combos simply because they like their looks, completely disregarding hitboxes. Whether you want to be one of them is completely up to you: this post is intended to be only informational.

Anything else I should know?

As a matter of fact yes, there is. Different races also have different racial skills, both active and passive. You might want to consider them as well when picking your class.

For more detailed information on classes, races and their best combos, I suggest you read this article. It has more detailed comparisons of hitboxes and recommendations on which combos are better than others.