Recently there’s been a flurry of news about Diablo III, among them a potential release date later this year. But what’s most surprising is the fact players will have access to the auction house where they can sell items for real money to other players. Blizzard explains it as a way to combat gold sellers, but I see it differently: this only makes it easier for them.

While gold selling is against the terms of use of most MMORPGs, including Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, that hardly means it isn’t happening. While I never personally bought gold in any game (nor I ever had the need to), many players do and gold farming/selling industry is a rapidly growing one making millions of dollars each year. Powerleveling services are also tightly connected but in case of Diablo III it’s irrelevant. since leveling in Diablo 3 is pretty straightforward and easy.

Common knowledge is that most of these companies (often sweat shops) are based in China where young workers are being exploited for ridiculously low wages to farm and grind all day long. For the most part such practices are illegal, but of course that doesn’t make it go away. What I see happening is that these young, frequently underage boys will now be playing Diablo 3 all day long and sell those items for real money. And Blizzard is not only okay with it, but they even created a system that makes it extremely easy, and most importantly legal.

Most people when they heard about selling loot on the auction house in D3 thought how they could potentially make money playing the game, but that’s simply not true. You won’t even be able to get enough even for pocket change, because when these underpaid workers start grinding bosses and equipment and selling it the prices will get extremely low, and if you thought about earning money on Diablo think again. For the employers of the aforementioned workers this will most likely be a very profitable business, but the workers will still get less than $2 per day.

As a player this really doesn’t affect you much. If Blizzard decided to make a now already standard cash shop with items for Diablo III nobody would think twice about it, if not for the fact this is a single-player game (or maybe not?). This on the other hand is a completely different story, and how exactly it’ll unfold it yet to be seen.

There is however a clear winner in all of this, and it’s obviously Blizzard. They’ll sell you the game, and then take a cut from every single item sold. It’s definitely good business for everyone, except those guys working for $2/day.

I found this amazing Rift powerleveling guide here which can easily take you from level 25 to 50. The only downside to it is that you’ll have to grind. However, I think it’s best paired with Xerxes leveling guide, so whenever you run out of quests or if you simply get bored with them, do some grinding for quick speedleveling.

Hey guys, in this guide I will show you how to level from 25-50 in a matter of days with my grinding “hotspots”. This worked well for me so I know it will for you too. Thanks for reading!

  • Scarlet Gorge : 25-28
  • Coordinates : 3173 , 2669
  • Area Name : Stonecrest
  • Description/Notes : Undead Graveyard

  • Scarwood Reach : 28-30/31
  • Coordinates : 2851 , 2800
  • Area Name : Howling Plateau
  • Description/Notes : Mining Camp or Elemental Area, grind your preferred mob.


  • Scarwood Reach : 30/31 – 33
  • Coordinates : 3052 , 3931
  • Area Name : Auld Warden
  • Description/Notes : Grind in the circle, mobs will respawn by the time you pat back around.

  • Moonshade Highlands : 33 – 35
  • Coordinates : 7126 , 2384
  • Area Name : Twilit Stand
  • Description/Notes : None.


  • Droughtlands : 35 – 38
  • Coordinates : 7232 , 6198
  • Area Name : Trappers Rest
  • Description/Notes : Grind in a circle around the big rock, best spot.

  • Droughtlands : 38 – 40
  • Coordinates : 7614 , 6739
  • Area Name : Stormbrood Lair
  • Description/Notes : Farm up the hill and back down.


  • Iron Pine Peak : 40 – 42/43 (EXP Hotspot)
  • Coordinates : 2630 , 817
  • Area Name : Frozen Valley
  • Description/Notes : The Alpha wolves give extra experience!

  • Shimmersands : 42/43 – 45
  • Coordinates : 5821 , 5897
  • Area Name : Jeweled Heights
  • Description/Notes : None

  • Stillmoor : 45 – 46
  • Coordinates : 2056 , 2268
  • Area Name : Ravenna
  • Description/Notes : Farm either the Werewolves or Elves.


  • Stillmoor 46-50 : (EXP Hotspot)
  • Coordinates : 1613 , 2283
  • Area Name : Twisted Hollow
  • Description/Notes : Best grind spot in the game, Every single ogre gives 1.8x normal experience. I went from 46-50 here in a day and a half. 49-50 I timed, only took me 1 hour and a half pure grinding. Amazing spot. Don’t tell anyone about this certain area, that’s not in the guild. Please.


This is by far the best compilation of grinding locations I was able to find. If you’re having trouble leveling in Rift, this should definitely point you in the right direction. Again, if you combine these grinding tips with a quality leveling guide like Xerxes you can probably reach the level cap in 4-5 days. It’s insane!