Crysis 2, a sequel to a very popular FPS game was just recently released and already got a ton of positive reviews from what I’ve noticed. Many have already labeled it as one of the best games released this year. Personally, I don’t agree.

While the game has a lot going for it: incredible graphics and relatively fun and unique gameplay, I don’t think it brings anything revolutionary to the genre. It is a good and most importantly fun game, but it just doesn’t keep me engaged and wanting more. But apparently I’m in a minority again, much like with my opinions on SWTOR’s failure.

Judging by the fact that there are even strategy guides available for Crysis 2 the game must be selling insanely well. While I personally haven’t read it, I guess having info on nanosuits and multiplayer maps could be useful.

But anyway, what are your thoughts about C2? Does the game deliver, did you regret spending money on it or are you still having fun with it? Tell me now!